Four people are missing in Malaysia. They were abducted almost two years ago and nothing has been heard since.

Christian husband and wife, Joshua Hilmy and Ruth Sitepu, and Shia Muslim Amri Che Mat, were last seen in November 2016. Pastor Raymond Koh was abducted in February 2017.

In May this year, three things suddenly changed.

First, Malaysia voted in a new government. Second, this government re-opened an inquiry into the abductions. Third, a whistleblower came forward with evidence of police complicity in the abductions.

Now is the time to act.

Open Doors' partners in Malaysia are asking us to urgently contact the Malaysian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and the Malaysian Minister for Home Affairs, urging them to expose the truth about the abductions and secure the release of all four.

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His Excellency
Dato' Ahmad
Rasidi Bin Hazizi
Malaysian High Commissioner to the UK

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